When You Figure Out What makes Your Heart beat louder and make it so accessible that even the Moon knows your Vibes

one day to kick start your model career

this day is special. it was designed for aspiring models.

It is a blend of hands-on photoshoot and pictures for your book, mixed with personal branding and knowing your little spice that will make the difference.

we want your photos to stand out. we want you to be seen. we want you to get the jobs you've been dreaming of.

nothing comes easy, but this is a first step in the right direction.

I work with many aspiring models. I realised I'm showing and giving the same advice. And when I receive casting applications, I see a lot of the same pictures. Only few stand out. 

I want to help you shine, so I created this day. For you.

So what's included?

a day full of magic
Before ANYTHING. let's be honest, you gotta figure out your niche.

what's your niche?

be clear with your niche.

for that, we'll exchange prior to the shooting day. you'll understand what you want and what you don't want.

There are MANY models out there. How can photographers, creative directors, agencies and brands pick YOU?

Well, you need to know what makes you unique and stand out. It's probably the one thing you take for granted. Or this other thing you didn't even know existed.

what makes you unique and stand out?

During the photoshoot you will be able to feel it. Because yes, you'll receive direct feedback from me. But the most importantly: you'll feel it in your guts.
As we know, practice is key. With me, with others. But not any others. You want to be in your niche. Don't waste time!

what can you master by practicing?

I can't give you all. But what I'm good at is for you to learn to be yourself in front of the camera. It's all going to be how you feel inside. And how that lands on camera. Of course, we'll also look into basic posing. Practice is what makes a master.
some get it faster, some differently. some have fascinating questions or just see the world through different lenses. there is so much to be learned from OTHERS.

what can I learn by watching others?

sometimes the greatest of inspiration comes when I can see what others do.

and sometimes it's cool to know you've inspired others too.
Preparing a model book is key. And what's inside is key. It's not just about any photos. It's about what YOU want to do. It's CURATED by YOU.

think of it this way: it's not about how many photos you have, it's about whether or not they play towards your niche, show your difference and showcase who you are and your values.

what can I show off with?

So yes, please show off. I want to produce photos that are true to you.

You'll come out of the photoshoot with about 20 photos for your book.
I don't know about you, but I like to receive a gift. And that's what I have in store for you.

what can I further receive?

well, to me, it's often about who you meet vs what you do. we'll end the day with an apero. Lots to share and to exchange. People to meet and connect with.

Get your Inspiration all around

where will it be?

I love beautiful spaces that will play into our creative session. The Location is a cool indoor space between Lausanne and Fribourg.

what is the theme?

I love to do moodboards. Once we're settled with your niche, we'll bring on the creative vibes!

what is the language?

During the photoshoot, I will speak the language you are most comfortable with. During the day, I will speak a language all understand.
I speak French, English, Swiss-German, German and little of Spanish

Specially For You

For this day, you have a very special price.

Because I believe we need more people like you, pushing the boundaries and standing their ground. Daring to be leaders and sharing their personal values with the world.

And it includes all the very special treats.

I am Ready to see Your Moonvibes


Drop me a Line to get Your Spot and Know the Date