About Me

Creativity Beyond the Frame

Hello there,

I'm Laure Dussuet. Welcome!

To me, this website is my online showroom. I share with you the outcome of my work.

I believe in inspiration. In a picture telling more than words ever could.
Working with me, is giving space to creativity. To sparks. To embracing the present moment.

Maybe you'll see some of my work that will directly inspire you, maybe my approach inspires you.
No matter, I'm just a message away. 
Write me.

The Message

Each photoshoot is bespoke. Each outcome is unique. I am looking for a way to show the story that needs telling. To share the message. To inspire.

My Inspiration

You. The world around us. Nature. What I Feel. Songs and Music. Movies. Trends. Bridging Gaps. Juxtaposing Elements that seemingly stand apart. Exploring uncharted territories. Humans. Surprises. Embracing the Unknown.

The Secret Sauce

Chaos was something I feared. Until I realised that control and organisation would always give an expected outcome, where my creativity was fading away. Allowing for chaos, for the unknown, for the present moment to unfold as I go along, is allowing for something unexpected to find its way through the lens of my camera. It's an adventure.

My quite atypical Journey

I grew up in Europe, the US, and Asia. I absorbed the richness of diverse cultures and languages. So far, I've lived and wandered through over 45 countries on 6 continents. In my twenties, I navigated the corporate world as a businesswoman, attending prestigious schools and living an international career. I deep dived into branding, strategy & business development. In my thirties, I immersed myself into the complexities of the human mind and heart, working as a therapist. It showed me the keys of human emotions and of the energies surrounding us. Time and time again, I looked at the tapestry of human experiences. These adventures have shaped how I see the world and the people in it. It's an inspirational part of my photography.

I am now in my forties and with my camera in hand, I create. I explore, both within myself and in the world around me. I ask questions and give inspiration. My favorite moment: when I am struck by a photograph. When it surprises me and tells a story my mind never could have anticipated.

The Studio

My studio is more than a space; it's a sanctuary of creativity. Depending on the purpose of the photoshoot, I will be outdoors. In the raw beauty of the Swiss Alps or in a vibrant Urban Environment. Or indoors: a lavish estate selected for the day or in the delicate feel of my studio.

Join Me

For yourself or for your brand, if you want to be seen or heard unlike you've been before, we might be a good fit. 

Let's be in the moment and celebrate the beauty of diversity. And tell your story to the world.

I am here to share images that resonate, inspire, and connect us all.

Laure Dussuet